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ket ban Attendees at TELECOM '05 are immersing themselves in the new world of communications--a world in which telecoms play a key role delivering an array of communications services that will connect the nation. Here are highlights from TELECOM '05, which takes place Oct. 23-27 at the Venetian Hotel & Convention Center in Las Vegas. Sunday's pre-show activities covered a number of topics crucial to growth in the industry, while Monday's opening session featured CTOs from four premier telecom carriers. Tuesday's keynote speakers include executives from companies like SBC and Hearst-Argyle Television, FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin is slated to speak on Wednesday, and other Washington insiders will speak on Thursday.

And keep in mind that one of the biggest displays of what's next will take place at USTelecom's TelecomNEXT show in Las Vegas in March 2006.

Thursday, Oct. 27
USDA Chief Notes There's $2 Billion More To Lend for Broadband

Three top officials directing federal telecommunications policy and programs spoke exclusively to TELECOM '05 attendees today. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns noted his department has invested $3.3 billion in loans and grants to promote broadband service in rural areas and is ready to lend $2 billion more. Assistant Commerce Secretary Michael Gallagher announced his department will create a select advisory committee in which experts from the private secretary will "help us see what's coming next, where technology is leading us, what resources are available, and what's needed to keep us ahead of the rest of the world." And Ambassador David Gross, U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy, Department of State, reminded the attendees that their industry plays an important role in fostering freedom by enabling communications between people.

Wednesday, Oct. 26
FCC Chairman Speaks Out on Franchise Rules, Universal Service

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin told TELECOM '05 attendees today he is committed to assuring that franchising rules don't impede new entrants into the video market and that Americans in rural and remote areas continue to be able to get affordable telephone service. "New video entrants, regardless of the technology they employ, should be encouraged, not impeded," Martin said. He added that he expects the Commission next month to consider proposals regarding how local communities award franchises for providing video. Martin also spoke at length about the Universal Service Fund. Martin said he favors adjusting USF funding so it better reflects the current telecommunications marketplace. "It's critical that people who live in rural and high-cost areas continue to get affordable service," he said.

Kevin Martin

Technology and Partnerships: What's NEXT?
Executives from five of North America's premier technology companies gave TELECOM '05 attendees today a collective vision of a network that seamlessly combines all current communications networks to provide breathtaking innovations in entertainment, services and connectivity. Speaking at the keynote session were: Phil Corman, director of the worldwide ecosystem for Microsoft TV; Pradeep Sindhu, vice chairman, CTO and founder, Juniper Networks; Karen Radford, President, Telus Partner Solutions; Kevin DeNuccio, President & CEO, Redback Networks; and Nick Adamo, SVP, Service Providers, Cisco Systems.

Nick Adamo

Phil Corman presentation

Kevin DeNuccio speech

Karen Radford speech

Pradeep Sindhu speech

Top Execs Predict Leading Role for Telecoms in Future Communications
Top executives of pacesetting companies from all parts of the communications industry were unanimous during today’s keynote session in predicting telecoms will play a leading role in bringing consumers the next great advances in communications. An overflow crowd of TELECOM ’05 attendees heard from Jim Robbins, President & CEO, Cox Communications; David Barrett, President & CEO, Hearst-Argyle Television; Robert Clasen, President & CEO, Starz Entertainment; and Lea Ann Champion, SVP of IP Operations and Services, SBC Communications. Content providers also were represented on a panel discussion featuring Lindsay Gardner, EVP Sales at Fox Cable Networks; Dan Cohen, SVP & General Manager of Buena Vista Television; and Curtis Symonds, COO of the Washington Mystics WNBA team.

Lea Ann Champion conversation

David Barrett speech

Robert Clasen speech

Jim Robbins speech

Panel discussion

Monday Recaps

CTOs Describe Their Visions of the Converged Next-Generation Network
Susan Miller, President & CEO of ATIS (the Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Standards), served as moderator for a panel that featured the chief technical officers of America's four biggest telephone companies. Participating on the panel were Balan Nair, CTO, Qwest; Chris Rice, EVP, Network Planning and Engineering & CTO, SBC; Bill Smith, CTO, BellSouth; and Mark Wegleitner, SVP Technology, Verizon.

Links to videos, if you want them:

Miller's opening comments

Telecoms' strategies for deploying IPTV


Timely Sessions Mark Opening Day of TELECOM '05
TELECOM '05 kicked off today with a clear focus on innovative technologies and new business opportunities in communications. The morning and early afternoon featured a number of educational sessions, including: the ATIS Technology Conference; the Legg Mason Financial Conference; the iHollywood Triple Play: Voice, Video and Data Conference; the Deloitte Mergers and Acquisitions Conference; the IP Video Track; the Wiley, Rein and Fielding Law and Regulation Conference; the ITERA Telecommunications Education Summit; and TMNG's Billing Conference.


Money ... Technology ... Success! Variety of pre-show seminars featured at TELECOM '05
Fresh thinking shone through the pre-show seminars on various facets of telecommunications industry. Attendees heard experts at sessions on topics such as "New Tech Platforms in DSL and Cable," "On Demand Success Stories," and a broadband seminar on "New Strategies for Driving Growth." Sunday afternoon sessions also featured the Legg Mason Investment Banking Forum and an education summit sponsored by the International Telecommunications Education Research Association.


3:30 pm to 5:00 pm Room: Venetian Ballroom E & F
USTelecom Opening General Session

  A Preview of What's NEXT:

Gene R. South, Sr.,
CEO & GM Lakedale Communications
Walter B. McCormick, Jr.,
President & CEO, USTelecom

ATIS Presents:
The Global Vision and Promise of the Converged Next-Gen Network: What's NEXT

Global communications companies are rapidly reaching consensus on the myriad of technical and business issues surrounding wireless and wireline convergence and "next-gen" architecture. Learn "What's Next" for the Next-Gen Network - the path that will lead to deployment of tomorrow's networks and services, as defined by the industry's leading technology officers.


Susan M. Miller,
President & CEO, ATIS


Balan Nair,

Chris Rice,
EVP, Network Planning & Engineering, CTO

William L. Smith,
BellSouth Telecommunications

Mark Wegleitner,
SVP Technology & CTO,


8:00 am to 10:15 am Room: Venetian Ballroom E & F
TELECOM '05 Keynote Session
Carriers to Content: What's NEXT?
As carriers race into the broadband television frontier, a whole new world of partnership opportunities is emerging with leading content providers. Learn "What's Next" as the worlds of content and communications converge.


Walter B. McCormick, Jr.,
President & CEO, USTelecom


Edward E. Whitacre, Jr.,
Chairman & CEO,

Jim Robbins,
President & CEO, Cox Communications

David J. Barrett,
President & CEO
Hearst-Argyle Television

Michael J. Sabia,
President & CEO, Bell Canada Enterprises

Content Roundtable:

Robert B. Clasen,
President & CEO, Starz Entertainment
Dan Cohen
SVP & GM Pay Television, Buena Vista Television.

Lindsay Gardner
EVP Affiliate Sales and Marketing, Fox Cable Networks

Curtis Symonds
COO, Washington Mystics (WNBA) and former EVP Sales & Marketing, Black Entertainment Television


8:00 am to 10:30 am Room: Venetian Ballroom E & F

TELECOM '05 Keynote Session:
Technology and Partnerships: What's NEXT?

As carriers increasingly see their future on a screen, suppliers and service providers are developing innovative solutions to help their partners execute bold business plans on next-gen networks. Come see "What's NEXT" at the leading-edge of IPTV innovation.

IPTV Demonstration:
Phil Corman,
Director, Microsoft TV Partner Business Development
Derek Kuhn
Sr. Director Marketing & Business Development, Alcatel


Pradeep Sindhu
Vice Chairman, CTO and Founder
Juniper Networks

Karen Radford,
EVP and President,
TELUS Partner Solutions

Nick Adamo
SVP U.S. Service Providers, Cisco

Kevin DeNuccio,
President & CEO, Redback Networks


12:30 pm to 1:45 pm Room: Venetian Ballroom E & F
TELECOM '05 Keynote Lunch
Honored Guest:

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin


8:00 am to 9:30 am Room: Venetian Ballroom I & J
Washington Insiders' Keynote Breakfast


Mike Johanns,
Secretary of Agriculture


Walter B. McCormick, Jr.,
President & CEO, USTelecom

Michael D. Gallagher,
Assistant Secretary, Department of Commerce, NTIA

David A. Gross
U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy
U.S. Dept of State


Exhibit Updates

Exhibit Hall Hours:
Monday, October 24 Preview Party: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
(Sponsorship of the Preview Party is available)
Tuesday, October 25 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Exclusive exhibit hall hours: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Wednesday, October 26 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Exclusive exhibit hall hour: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM


About TELECOM '05

TELECOM '05 is the Event Where All Communication Service Providers Meet.
  • A telephone company is a carrier. Sometimes a traditional telephone company is called a "common carrier," meaning that the facilities are available for hire by nearly anyone to use for distributing content or moving their own content and information from one location to another.

  • A cable company is a carrier. Cable companies carry video content, Internet access, traditional voice telephony and new VoIP services.

  • Wireless companies of all sorts are carriers. Wireless companies carry two-way voice and Internet access and very localized content on local area and wide area wireless networks.

  • Satellite providers are carriers. They distribute content in a one-way broadcast to set top boxes connected to devices in the home. The return path to the satellite operator is usually a wireline carrier.

  • A carrier can also be a network provider, a network operator, or a service provider.

TELECOM '05 is for every company involved with developing and distributing content.


Hear TELECOM '05 Keynotes
Couldn't make TELECOM '05? Check out what our keynote speakers had to say. Plan now to be at TelecomNEXT so you don't miss our impressive lineup of keynote speakers.  DETAILS...

It’s not a Satellite – It’s a STRATELLITE!
No more expensive wireless towers. No more satellite delays. GlobeTel introduces the first stratosphere communications airship for Voice, Video and Data. Click details to view FOX coverage on this innovation. Details  DETAILS...

Top CTO's Discuss What's NEXT
Hear influential telecom technology executives share their global vision of next generation networks at TELECOM '05   DETAILS...

SureWest Deploying Leading-Edge Video and Internet
SureWest chief executive Brian Strom, a speaker at TELECOM '05, is taking on larger rivals by building a fiber optic network delivering Internet, pay-TV and phone services at speeds three times faster than offered by its bigger rivals.

SBC's Whitacre to Speak
Edward E. Whitacre, Jr, SBC's chairman & CEO will be a keynote presenter at both TELECOM '05 and TelecomNEXT  DETAILS...

TV Comes to TELECOM '05
Hearst-Argyle Television President & CEO David J. Barrett will take part in a keynote presentation at this year's integrated communications industry event.   DETAILS...

Cable Comes to TELECOM '05
Jim Robbins, President & CEO of Cox Communications will be a keynote speaker at the convention.   DETAILS...

Housing Is Now Open
Make your hotel reservation today -- while rooms are still available.  DETAILS...

Record Attendance at TELECOM ’04
TELECOM ’04 closed with record attendance and a tremendously expanded exhibit floor. With more that 5,000 attendees and 235 exhibitors, TELECOM ’04 was twice the size of TELECOM ’03 and five times the size of the 2002 convention. Expect even more at TELECOM '05!

Stay tuned for more news on how you can be part of the revolution.

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